Atherosclerosis and Stroke Risk 

We provide non-invasive (MRI and Ultrasound) imaging solutions to stratify atherosclerosis in general, and the stroke risk and prevention in particular.

VPDiagnostics currently offers MRI-PlaqueView, a FDA cleared plaque characterization product for quantitative analysis of atherosclerotic carotid arteries. Atherosclerosis analysis can assist clinicians in planning for the optimal preventive treatment based on scientific evidences.  It also enables timely and quantitative monitor of atherosclerosis progression in treatment research and in clinical management.

VPDiagnostics stands for Vulnerable Plaque Diagnostics.  Our products fill the void created by an ongoing paradigm shift in treating atherosclerotic vascular diseases. Traditional atherosclerosis risk factors such as stenosis (i.e., artery blockage or clogged artery) are giving way to direct assessments of the risk of plaque rupture which is the primary cause of artery blockage downstream. By looking beyond the Lumen and characterizing the high-risk features of the plaques in the vessel wall, physicians can plan the optimal prevention treatment. For carotid atherosclerosis, the preventive treatment options include  Carotid Endarterectomy (CEA), Carotid Stenting, and drug treatments to prevent cerebrovascular diseases, such as Ischemic Stroke in general, and Carotid Stroke (the stroke caused by the carotid plaque) in particular.

  • With MRI-PlaqueView